Origin of AIDS

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Discusses epidemic, first cases in Africa, various treatments and therapies, educational efforts. Current research and problems such as high mutation rate.

“Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, commonly known as AIDS, is one of the leading causes of mortality in adults below age 45 in many industrialized countries, according to an article by Gebhardt, Neuenschwander and Zwahlen published in the European Journal of Epidemiology in 1998 (pNA). It is also rampant in many African nations, and is rapidly spreading in many Asian nations.

“AIDS is caused by the HIV virus, which destroys lymphocytes and thus compromises the immune system of the infected individual, making them highly susceptible to many infections which the normal person with an intact immune system can fend off. The virus attaches to T-helper cells with a CD4 receptor on their surface. These cells serve to activate other cells of the immune system to mount an immune response.”

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