Martin Luther King Jr.

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A brief overview of his life and a personal account of his contributions.

A look at Martin Luther King Jr. A brief overview of his life and work in politics. The author gives a personal opinion about his impacts and contributions, and for his fight for freedom, equality and for the general understanding of justice.
“I see King as a great visionary and a person who valued humanity and people for what they were worth. I admire his self-sacrifice and his courage to be controversial and be always outside comfort. As a journalist who must always step out of the comfort zone, I know how difficult that is. But I cannot comprehend what would it be like to be uncomfortable and constantly risk your life. I think there are very few people in history who put their beliefs and the interests of other people before their own, and there are only a few people who are willing to risk being unpopular and controversial while risking their well-being. Unfortunately, without those kinds of people big history cannot be made and changes are not possible.”

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