Just War

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A look at the debate of whether just wars exist.

This paper discusses the concept of ‘Just Wars’. The author defines what a just war is and examines the various criteria for a war to be considered a “just war.” The paper presents an in-depth look at the war against terrorism and how this idea falls into the category of just wars and a look at religious wars and how they qualify. A detailed look at Islam and the conflict between Afghanistan and the Soviet Union is presented.
“Whether it is possible to wage a just war depends on many factors and also on the objective situation. But if there is just causes enough to warrant and justify a just war, there will probably automatically come into play forces that will culminate in war. Injustice has its own dynamics. If there are compelling reasons to wage a war, people will be willing to risk their lives. If the very survival of a people or state is threatened and it is pressed against the wall, so that the doctrines of a just cause can be invoked, the choice is often between risking death fighting the just war, or risking death by becoming a victim of aggression or brutality. Obviously, in such a situation many people would make the first choice.”

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