John Marshall

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Life and career of Supreme Court Justice and his major rulings.

“In his book John Marshall, Defender of the Constitution, Francis N. Stites tells the story of Marshall’s life in a series of steps covering different periods in the man’s life. Marshall was born in Virginia in 1755 and is described by Stites as a Virginian “by birth, upbringing, disposition, and property” (Stites 1). He became a lawyer in Virginia and was a Federalist during the era when the Constitution as being developed, and Stites analyzes the arguments on both sides in the debate over the Constitution and relates this to Marshall as defender of that document once he ascended to the Supreme Court. Marshall was key in defending the Federalist agenda in Virginia, and he was involved in the XYZ Affair in France. Because of his success in the latter case, he returned as a national hero and continued negotiating with France and writing to Talleyrand…”

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