Italian Economy

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Post-World War II changes in economy. Relation to political unstability; reforms; European Community impact.

Italy: A Laggard No More

Italy, both economically and politically, has seen some tumultuous times. Since the close of World War II, Italy has managed to get through more than 45 governments, four of which have collapsed in the past six years. In these post-war years, the Italian economy has been no more stable than the government- as Italy has undergone an economic shift away from a system based on agriculture and towards a more industrialized economy, North-South divides have been created that persist into the present day (Geographic, 1999).
Historically speaking, the political plight of Italy has been bound up in its economy. As in most nations, political stability is intrinsically linked to economic stability. Within the construct of the European Community, Italy’s economic situation has often..

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