Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Presidency

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This paper is an historical overview of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s entire presidency.

This paper examines Franklin D. Roosevelt’s four consecutive terms in office. It gives a chronological tale of the main events during his presidency and how he dealt with them, as well as his major achievements and changes that he made. The paper details several incidents in which FDR managed to strengthen the government and the presidency and fight against corruption.
As a president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt left an indelible mark of the progress of United States history. He was the only president to have been elected four consecutive terms, and it was only his death that prevented him from running for a fifth. He utterly changed the role of the presidency in American politics, moving the executive branch into a role of increased power and importance.

FDR’s presidency began at a time of great hardship for America. Unemployment stood at 25% of the work force, industrial production was down to nearly nothing, and banks were closing left and right. People who had work their entire life to put aside a small savings often saw that money entirely lost by the collapse of yet another bank or stock. The situation was remarkable dreary.”

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