France in Vietnam

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Critically examines French involvement (1885-1954); colonization; French military and political actions. Roles of Japan, China, U.S.

“This research paper outlines and critically examines the French involvement in Vietnam from colonization through the July 1954 Geneva Accords.

“The French colonization of Vietnam, which did little for the Vietnamese, most of whom resented it, was ended in March 1945 by the Japanese. In 1945-1946, the French attempted to reimpose their rule on Vietnam amidst the chaos and confusion following the end of World War II, but they made a fundamental miscalculation concerning the nature and intensity of Vietnamese nationalism. After negotiations between the French and the communist-dominated Vietminh broke down, the French Indochina war erupted in late 1946 which lasted until 1954 and ended with the defeat of the French by the Vietminh at Dienbienphu…”

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