Demareteion and The Old Woman

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An examination and comparison of two ancient works of art.

This article tries to comprehend works of art and extract information about ancient cultures by looking at and making interpretations of the works. The writer explains that both are ancient works of art which have potential to tell much about their contemporary society.
“The coin shows one side of a girl’s face garlanded with four dolphins and Greek symbols. She has a wreath of olive leaves. Her eyes are not very intense. Her hair is prettily combed. Her ears seem to be hidden. But the ear-ring can be seen. Her nose is long. She is wearing a necklace of some beads. Her cheeks are large. Her mouth is slightly open. She does not show much feeling except, perhaps, calmness. Yet this is a forced interpretation since the face is actually quite expressionless. This very fact makes the calmness very eerie. It makes me uneasy if I look carefully. There even seems to be a small perhaps dangerous arrow on the back of her hair. She seems to be at one with nature. Perhaps that is what the dolphins signify. The dolphins look pretty cute. Her hair is so wavy. The circular arrangement of dolphins reminds me of the cycle of life. Perhaps the girl was a dolphin in her previous life or will be in her next life.”

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