China’s Relationship with Vietnam

History / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
Contends that Vietnam was not a Little China during period 1371-1592. Chinese influence; national resistance.

Although China certainly had a strong influence in Vietnam between 1371 and 1592, Vietnam was not truly a Little China during that period, relative to the smaller nation’s much greater subjugation in an earlier era. In fact, by 1371, the beginning of the era under study, Vietnam had thrown off the outright domination of China which had kept the people under the thumb of the Chinese for centuries.

In fact, there is no true way to have a clear perspective on the Chinese relationship with the Vietnamese during the period under question without putting that relationship and that period into the broader historical context. The fact is that if we were to consider the period in question, China, at times, certainly held great sway over Vietnam, although it would still not be accurate to refer to Vietnam as Little China during the…

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