Alfred Hitchcock: Auteur of his Films

History / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A look at how the fact that Hitchcock wrote and directed all his films helped shape his reputation as one of the greatest filmmakers ever.

“While it may be debated for years to come if the term auteur belongs to Hitchcock, it will never be debated that he was a genius in his own right. And if being an auteur means that one exerts much control over his films, it is impossible to contradict the fact that Hitchcock, did indeed, show an unprecedented amount of control in each of his films. If the argument is to be sound, a closer examination of the meaning of auteur might be recognized.Hitchcock was a genius of film and art. His work was revolutionary and gave inspiration to many other filmmakers. His unwavering discipline of creating the best works proves him to be one of the best filmmakers in history. No doubt, his work will be debated and discussed for centuries to come. ”

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