The Ice Age and Climatic Change

Geology and Geophysics / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A look at this dramatic era from an ecological point of view with focus on Milankovitch’s Theory of Climatic Change.

An examination of Milankovitch’s theory which links the climate to seasonal and latitudinal variations in the solar energy received by the Earth. Through this theory we are given a better understanding of this time period. Criticism of the theory is also discussed and problems analyzed.
“An ice age is a cool period in Earth history, where much of the Earth’s land surface is covered by ice. What is most relevant here is that an ice age is defined by the lower temperatures, with the ice a symptom of this. An ice age then, can be defined as a period when climatic changes produce lower temperatures, which in turn cause the Earth to be covered by large sheets of ice.”

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