The Oscars

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This paper looks at the history of the Oscars.

This paper examines the early history of the Oscars and the Best Film/Picture category, through it’s 60th anniversary, in 2001. The author looks at how the tradition began and traces it’s evolution from an informal, affair to the grandeur surrounding it today. The paper also looks at how the quality of films, the type of films and the process of selection has evolved over the years. The author argues that over the years, Hollywood has lost site of what makes the Best Film/Picture.
“Some cynics might say that despite the secrecy that now attends the counting of the ballots before the ceremony, the lack of suspense attached to the proceedings is not entirely uncharacteristic of the modern era. ( “Wings” is a silent film largely unremembered today, except as one of the director John Ford’s early efforts. But the noble subject matter of the film is quite consistent with the Academy’s predilection selecting serious “message” films over comedies. Despite his worldwide popularity and the fact he is often considered the era’s comic genius, Charlie Chaplin only received a special achievement Oscar. ( Cary Grant was never bestowed with award, except an honorary lifetime achievement nod long after he was starring in films. (”

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