The Language of ‘Pulp Fiction’ Culture as a Myth

Film / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A Barthesian reading of popular culture, centered around a promotional poster for the film “Pulp Fiction”.

A brief examination of the movie “Pulp Fiction” from the aspect of language and its impact on culture.
“However, the danger and sophistication that are ever-present in the poster can only really be appreciated when related to the third myth, that of ‘cool’. Danger in itself is not a myth, it is a definite fact of life that, in real-life, is taken seriously as a truth. But when the danger is removed from the individual then the cool aspect of danger can be perceived as a myth. Ultimately we know that smoking is bad for one’s health, but when one is separated from it, the act becomes cool, we also know guns are extremely dangerous yet again once we can take that step away and they are no immediate threat to us, they can be perceived as cool. This removal that is necessary in order to establish the element of cool is achieved in an interesting way in the poster. Rather than being just a poster, the edges have been made to look worn and there are stylized wrinkles in the paper. The purpose of this is to enhance the illusion of this image that makes up the poster as being the cover of a ‘trash novel’. We realize that in actual fact these images that we have been examining are being portrayed by the film company as fiction. ”

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