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A rhetoric criticism of the television series “Survivor”.

This paper begins with a discussion of the roots and definition of the word ‘rhetoric’ by Greek philosophers. It uses as an example of ‘rhetoric criticism’, a review of the television series by the name of “Survivor” where sixteen carefully chosen people are “cast away” on a movie set that happens to be on an exotic island. The significance of the phenomenal success of the television show “Survivor” is based upon its supposed reality and has evoked much controversy and debate.
“Rhetoric is defined as a counterpart of Dialectic where, in the literal sense of the word, the former is the art of speaking or writing. Rhetoric comes from the Greek word for speech. It has not always been considered a respectable academic discipline. Plato was critical of the idea that rhetoric should be called an art, while Aristotle argued in On Rhetoric that it was indeed an art. Plato’s perspective on rhetoric has not been uncommon throughout the ages, namely, that rhetoric is no art at all but merely practiced flattery where rhetoric is labeled as the art of persuasion.”

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