Method Acting

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This paper examines the history of method acting and applies it to the tremendous career of Robert DeNiro.

This research paper discusses method acting and how this style has given rise to Robert DeNiro’s stardom. The author looks at how DeNiro became famous for immersing himself in the characters he plays. According to this style of acting he follows, DeNiro feels like his characters and rather than exposing his private life, becomes like the character he is playing, often through changing his physical characteristics to achieve this goal.
Method Acting can be defined as an acting technique that involves intense analysis and identification with the character. American Method Acting originated in Russia with Konstantin Stanislavski, who opened the Moscow Art Theater in 1898; this theater is primarily associated with the productions of the plays of Anton Chekhov and the beginning of Russian dramatic realism. By observing himself as an actor, as well as the other actors with whom he worked, and more especially by studying the great dramatic artists in Russia and abroad, Stanislavski developed an approach to the teaching of acting that became known as the Stanislavski system.

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