Cinematic Elements in Full Metal Jacket

Film / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
Examines various aspects of Kubrick’s film including color scheme, scene construction and cinematography.

The overall color scheme of Full Metal Jacket involves a shift toward the green in art direction and toward the blue in terms of lighting. The green is seen in the tinge of the walls of the barracks, in the uniforms, and in the choices made throughout the movie for the surroundings (the green of the foliage at Paris Island, what is left of the green in the war zone of Vietnam, the sickly cast to the war scenes, the green of military bases everywhere, and so on).

The blue shift in the light and the prevalence of green places a distance between viewer and action. These are cold colors, and the blue adds a sense of documentary to scenes like the opening where the soldiers are getting their haircuts. Blue is emphasized in the night scenes, with a blue filter adding an ominous and mysterious tinge to the action. Blue makes the inter…

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