Pakistani Weddings

Ethnic Studies / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A look at the rites and rituals in Pakistani as opposed to Christian weddings.

The paper explains the difference between a Christian wedding and a Pakistani wedding, both in production and in approach. The paper describes the different rituals and customs that take place before and during the wedding, defining key terms and comparing the traditional symbolism of the institution of marriage.
“Pakistani Weddings are an elaborate affair that starts weeks before the actual date. Many traditional customs have to be completed and these customs involve the whole family . Grandmothers, uncles, aunts, parents and a hoard of other relatives take part in the wedding from both sides and it is considered an insult if anyone is forgotten. Weddings are a time when past disputes are forgotten and new ones are made! They are a time of happiness and a time when people’s nerves stretched to the extreme. The difference between a Catholic wedding and a Pakistani wedding is not only in its presentation but also in its whole way of thinking. The Catholic wedding is the decision of the bride and groom-essentially and the family helping. In the Pakistani wedding the bride and groom become the onlookers while the family takes all the decisions. While the Catholic wedding is relatively simple the Pakistani wedding is an all out affair that is exotic in presentation.”

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