Maya History and Religion: Eric Thompson’s Works and Writing

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A look at the value of Thompson’s works and writings on Mayan history and religion.

The paper examines Thompson’s work and writing, including those for which he was criticized. Thompson spent many years studying the Mayan hieroglyphic writing system. The paper studies Thompson’s work in respect to its value as an educational tool on the Mayan history, religion and culture.

` J. Eric Thompson helped to shape the existing vision of the ancient Maya. In his book, `Maya History and Religion,` Thompson pulled together and combined all the different elements from the researchers that had come before him. He studied the contemporary Maya, their folklore, religion, languages, and lifestyle. To this modern study, Thompson added the information he gleaned from the records of the colonial period, the archeological artifacts that had been previously uncovered, and the artifacts of sites he personally excavated. With this combined information he was able to extend and further clarify the Maya culture. Thompson then took this contemporary view and transposed it back in time to create a picture of the Classic and Post-Classic Maya civilization…`

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