Japanese Cuisine: Japanese Culture and What They Eat

Ethnic Studies / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A look at the exotic world of Japanese cuisine, including its health benefits and the importance that Japanese place on the presentation of a meal.

“Within the Japanese cuisine, there contains many strange meals but there are myriads of delights that would make anybody’s tastes buds melt. Coming from a Japanese decent I have tried many of these tasty meals, but I would not take it too an extreme to say that I drink `snakes blood for longevity`(Steinberg 6). Japanese meals are actually considered very healthy and low fat considered to the traditional American, southern fried chicken. Japanese food is served in little portions and displayed in a very exciting way to liven up every aspect of each savory bite. To liven up these dishes we often cut vegetables or fruits into tiny designs or animals, or organize each piece of meat and each small vegetable in a way that flatters the plate. Cutting and Slicing, mostly vegetables into meticulous designs, makes a dish its own work of art. ”

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