European Stereotypes

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This paper looks at the past and present European stereotypes.

The writer of this paper uses stereotypes of the past and present European sub-culture to explain some of the myths surrounding certain nations. The paper explains that some of these stereotypes are self inflicted, leading to these myths; while other stereotypes come about due to the historical myths themselves
“All national or ethnic groups define themselves, at least in part, through their boundaries, that is, by reference to those outside the group. Because the definition ordinarily glorifies the in-group, some unfavorable comparison of outsiders occurs. To illustrate, consider a common “trope,” or rhetorical figure, used by Romans to refer to the western Mediterranean islanders whom they recruited as military auxiliaries: “Farting like a Balearic slinger.” I choose this remote example because many of my maternal ancestors came from the island of Minorca; later I shall be obliged to cite far more derogatory stereotypes about others, ancestors. ”

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