UV Radiation

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This paper looks at the positive side of ultraviolet radiation.

This paper discusses the many positive aspects of UV radiation. The author examines the way ultraviolet light is commonly used, defines UV light, its dangers and how it’s used in fluorescent lighting. The paper also describes how UV radiation is frequently used in water purification plants, destroying harmful bacteria.
UV radiation is what is responsible for causing human skin to tan. Unlike x rays, ultraviolet radiation has a low power of penetration, so its only direct effects on the human body occur on the skin’s surface and include sunburn, suntan, aging, and carcinogenic changes. Most of us know that sunburn is not simply a metaphor but is in fact like burns from other forms of radiation and can include symptoms ranging from redness and tenderness to blisters, swelling, seepage of fluid, and sloughing of the outer skin. Tanning – while it is never healthy, as we know now, is simply a natural body defense that uses melanin to help protect the skin from further injury from UV radiation.

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