The Endangered Burrowing Owl

Environmental Studies / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
This paper examines the natural history of the burrowing owl species, as well as the ecological pressures this endangered owl faces.

“The burrowing owl, Speotyto (Athene) cunicularia, is a fairly wide-spread small diurnal and crepuscular raptor in western and central North America found mainly in short-grass plains. Its colloquial names also include the “ground owl” or the “Prairie dog owl”, which allude to its terrestrial nature. The subject of legends of the great plains, the birds make a believable enough rattlesnake imitation that European colonists rumored that the birds and the snakes shared the same nest. Since that time, much more careful observation and study has been conducted on the species, and much more accurate information obtained. A relatively small owl, it weighs only 150 grams and is only 19.5-25.0 centimeters in length, with the female slightly (0.5 cm) smaller than the male (Haug et al. 1993). In comparison…..”

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