Women in the Godfather

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Examines the roles of the women characters in Coppola’s movie `Godfather`.

This paper analyzes the movie `Godfather` and shows that the women in the film played a very important role for setting the tone. It looks at how stereotypes are fitted into the movie in many ways but with the women’s role, this changes. Each of the important female characters are analyzed individually.
“Certainly, those qualities were not valued in Puzo’s Italian-American female characters. The fact that Puzo’s women are not well-respected translates over into Coppola’s Godfather. Locked out of the family business, the women who were married to the mob seemed to have little to do beyond looking pretty and getting blown up. His men, on the other hand, were dynamic supermen cold-hearted killers, yes, but also devoted family men, guys who could go to work, knock off a few enemies, carve out a little more territory and still remember to bring home the cannoli. They were the inspiration for the generation of rising mobsters that included John Gotti. The Dapper Don with the sunlamp tan and Brioni suits carefully cultivated his image after that of Puzo’s mobsters. Now, it turns out, the Dapper Don’s role model was really a welfare mom who held her family together in the tenements of Hell’s Kitchen while her husband broke down under the stress. This theme is carried well throughout Coppola’s film The Godfather.”

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