Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? and Narration

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The following paper is a critical analysis of Joyce Carol Oates’ `Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?`, a short story that plays upon the one aspect almost all of us have gone through; that of entrance into puberty.

This paper explores Oates’ story regarding that of a pretty young girl Connie who lives with a rather bland family. The author examines through the narration of the story the way Connie perceives her people.
“The story is basically about how a young woman deals with adolescence. The most difficult stage of life for all beings as some might say, an expert wrote in Gale encyclopedia says, ” Adolescence is a border between adulthood and childhood, and as such it has a richness and diversity unmatched by any other life stage. … Adolescents are travelers, far from home with no native land, neither children nor adults. They are jet-setters who fly from one country to another with amazing speed. Sometimes they are four years old, an hour later they are twenty-five. They don’t really fit anywhere.”

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