Unbearable Lightness of Being

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This essay explores personalities and politics in Milan Kundera’s book `Unbearable Lightness of Being`.

This paper discusses the characters in the book `Unbearable Lightness of Being` by Milan Kundera and how Tomas’s indecisive personality leads his political decisions while Sabina has a decisive personality. The author looks at how these differences account for the different roles the characters play in the Czech revolution.
“Kundera’s most famous is said to be a complex book, which is set against the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia. The story revolves around three different characters. The man torn between thought and emotion, love and lust, the woman who lives for rebellion and another woman whose body act as the amplifier for her emotions. The male protagonist is Tomas who falls in love with Teresa and they both get married. Even after marrying her he keeps on having affairs in order to give weight and meaning to his life. With that he also maintains a love- affair with Sabina.”

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