Time in Modernist Writing

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An examination of the importance of time and temporality in modernist writing.

“Aside from his comment on the dependence mankind now has on time, Simmel’s comment has a number of significant points. Firstly, this quote acknowledges the fact that it is now possible for time to go wrong in different ways. The sundial may be inexact but it is always right. The mechanical watch is capable of slowing down, or speeding up time for the wearer and as such, forms a limitation on the commodity of time. This nature of separate layers of time is acknowledged again in this quotation. The mechanical simulation of time can be ‘wrong’ and Simmel acknowledges that this error will take up a period of ‘natural’ time to be sorted out. In other words, there will be a period when time on the clock becomes worthless while the natural is consulted and the simulation is readjusted. ”

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