The Jabberwocky by Lewis Carrol

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The following paper is a critical analysis of Lewis Carrol’s poem, `The Jabberwocky.`

The following paper explores the human tendency to break the world down into tidy little definitions as seen in most interpretations of `The Jabberwocky`. This paper, however, also takes a look at how `The Jabberwocky` ceases to be nonsense, becoming instead a tragic and beautiful glimpse into the process of growing up.
`In the second book of the Alice in Wonderland stories, Alice finds a poem called Jabberwocky of which she can make little or no sense. Later in the book she asks Humpty Dumpty (of nursery rhyme fame) to help her interpret the story. With fitting irony, the main emphasize of most scholars attempting to approach this poem is precisely the same as that of the famous giant egg. In fact, despite the fact that he is a decidedly cracked source, Dumpty’s opinion on the poem’s meaning has been taken as definitive for most scholars.`

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