Tess of D’urbervilles

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This paper analyzes Thomas Hardy’s novel, `Tess of D’ubervilles`.

This paper summarizes the plot of `Tess of D’ubervilles` as well as analyzing its main characters. It also examines the life and works of the writer Thomas Hardy. It describes the writer’s influences and how they have affected his writing. The paper studies Thomas Hardy’s societal and literary significance at that time and up until today. It also studies several critical reviews made regarding Thomas Hardy’s works.
John Durbeyfield thinks he’s found the solution to his family’s poverty, when it is disclosed upon him by Parson Tringham that the Durbeyfields are some faraway relatives of the D’Urbervilles. However, it’s no refuge but just the beginning of the destruction of our heroin Tess Durbeyfield. John Durbeyfield makes ambitious plans to restore his relations with the Urbervilles by sending his daughter Tess to live with them. Tess would not have agreed to this if the Durbyfield’s poverty would not have been further emphasized by the wreckage of their carriage and only source of income. The antagonist, a typical, feudal, womanizer of a villain, is broached during Tess’s stay at the Urbervilles. He immediately tries to seduce Tess, and uses all his feline charms on Tess without much success. Tess feels rather humiliated when she learns that Stoke-D’Urbervilles (head of the family), has no knowledge of Tess’s kinship to them. Meanwhile Alec persistently pursues Tess. Finally, the lusty playboy succeeds in his act when he deflowers Tess at an incident that seems as if it was minutely crafted. Tess condemns herself for her weakness and tells Alec that she will never be able to love him. Several weeks after the incident Tess returns to her village, pregnant. However, her child dies even before he is baptized and Tess even finds it difficult to get a Christian funeral on just her personal account of the birth.

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