Sons and Lovers

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This paper discusses the character of the mother in D.H. Lawrence’s `Sons and Lovers`.

This paper is an analysis of the book `Sons and Lovers` by D.H. Lawrence. It focuses on the character of the mother, Mrs. Morel and discusses whether she was a good mother or not.
In Sons and Lovers, D.H. Lawrence presents the compelling image of a woman who has physically given birth to her sons, but never released their souls from her womb. Mrs. Morel has failed in her own life, and become hopelessly trapped in a mundane working class existence. Yet when her children are born, it is a kind of second birth for her as well. She spends the remainder of her life teaching them to live and guiding their lives, because through them she can finally experience the creative and upwardly mobile existence she has always longed for. Even after her death, Paul will say that his soul could not leave her, wherever she was.

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