Prometheus Bound

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This paper summarizes the play “Prometheus Bound” and analyzes its characters.

This paper is an analysis of “Prometheus Bound”, expounding the knowledge of the characters in the ancient play. The author explores the symbolism and shows the relationship between the play and the author’s time period.
Prometheus and Epimetheus, together, represent those qualities that are essential for all of us if we are to observe and judge our behavior. Living life creatively requires both of these perceptions- both looking ahead and looking back. They are ways of knowing the world and ourselves. Prometheus stands up to the wrath of Zeus and accepts his punishment. He controls his own destiny in the sense that, knowing the punishment to come, he does not refuse the task at hand. We too, control our own destinies in this way. Either we can see opportunity as a risk, and therefore refuse it, or we can welcome the challenge of growth, even though it will bring changes that involve decision making or commitment. Prometheus does what he thinks is in the interest of humankind, regardless of the cost in personal suffering. In our own lives, what is sometimes a fearful journey can disclose a discovery, if we are willing to tackle the situation or problem directly.

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