Process Paper On Plants

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A creative essay discussing the process of gardening.

A detailed and effective story of the process of gardening and plants. It describes the process in which nature prepares the earth for the birth of plants.
“A glider swings back and forth as a young man and his grandmother reminisce on the porch at the beginning of spring. Her garden drips with apple red and Easter egg pink tulips. They each remember when he was a small boy, and she taught him exactly how to plant a tulip bulb. Now that the grandmother is older, the young man plants the garden on his own. However, they both enjoy its simple and peaceful beauty that symbolizes they beginning of spring and new life. A tulip flower’s growth and bloom follows the seasons. In the fall, a gardener plants and tends the bulbs; in winter the ground freezes, and upon spring’s arrival, the stalk, leaves, and bud grow.”

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