Philosophy of Heidegger: The Concept of Dasein

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An analysis of the book “Being and Time” by Heidegger and a look at the concept of Dasein.

This paper discusses the theory of Being as presented by Heidegger in his book “Being and Time” (1927). The ontological priority given to the concept of Dasein accrues from the importance that Heidegger attached to it. He felt that it was the Being-there, which should be studied in order to understand the Being itself.
“Martin Heidegger was a great German philosopher of the early twentieth century. He gave us some valuable concepts which are though important to the world of euphemism are still very complex to comprehend completely. I believe that a lot of confusion that we face today while trying to understand his work accrue partially from his work actually being complex and partly from the fact that German language has some terminologies which we are not able to grasp fully unless we are familiar with that language.”

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