On the Rainy River

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This examines the short story, “On the Rainy River,” by Tim O’Brien.

This paper describes the major influences in the short story `On the Rainy River,` by Tim O?Brien. The story’s author writes about his experiences during the Vietnam War, and the struggle he faced when faced with the decision to heed his draft call, or flee to Canada.
“O’Brien writes, I think [Elroy] meant to bring me up against the realities, to guide me across the river and to stand a king of vigil as I choose a life for myself.(560) Elroy Berdhal symbolizes the unbiased as much as the River itself . His quiet understanding, and a nonjudgmental attitude make O’Brien calm and his final decision is taken. It is not Elroy’s influence alone that makes the decision but that of the River too, at times it seems that Elroy is the human and the River his inanimate representation. O’Brien writes, “”the man saved me. He offered exactly what I needed without questions, without any words at all. He took me in. He was there at the critical time”.”(555)”

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