Making Waves – John Updike’s A

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An analysis of John Updike’s novel `A&P` about the battle between individualism and conformity.

This paper shows how John Updike, in his novel `A&P`, illustrates an oppressively narrow minded town in a battle between individualism and conformity while showing the consequences of doing what is morally right. The paper focuses on the contrast of dynamic and flat characters, Sammy’s epiphany, and the use of symbols throughout the story.
This view is shown generally from the manager Lengel, who represents the entire narrow minded attitude of the small New England town, which is metaphorically present though the entire story, even though it only appears apparent at the end. The narrator Sammy, illustrates unconventionality, change, and individuality through his actions and views on the abnormal situation that transpires at the A&P. Remarkably, the incredibly small grocery story can exemplify, capture, and summarize the entire town, somewhere north of Boston.

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