Machiavellian’s The Prince and Discourses on the First Decade of Livy

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The following paper is a comparison between the theoretical frameworks of Machiavellian’s `The Prince` and `Discourses on the First Decade of Livy`.

The following paper explores two central questions. The first is how Machiavellian argues and supports, in both `The Prince` and `The Discourses,` the idea that the welfare of the people is the highest law by analyzing Machiavelli’s doctrines and the second is what evidence there is in both works that Machiavelli’s ideas were a product of Renaissance humanism.
`One of the most believed scholars in history, Machiavellian, wrote `The Prince` as a part of a larger work which was later known as `The Discourses` According to this work `Discourses`, Machiavellian made a great statement of this belief of the political state of the French Empire. His understanding was bolder then that mentioned in The Prince where his argument was more tentative and a bid for a position in Lorenzo’s court. Although this view is much merit, it was nevertheless a point of view that was similar in both the works. Both book was intended to inform the ignorant state of self interest aspect of life, and the conviction that man acts through self-interest only when he feels like it.`

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