Life, the Universe and Everything

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The question of fate vs. control as it relates to Bigger Thomas of the novel “Native Son”, by Richard Wright.

This paper explores the main character of this novel, “Bigger Thomas” by Richard Wright. It examines the way his life is intertwined with fate and whether all the efforts he makes to change the direction of his life will have any impact. It asks whether his unfortunate life is a series of bad luck and circumstance or whether his actions influenced them – fate vs. control.
“Why do we live our lives the way we do? Are we controlled by some being towards our unalterable fate, or do we have control over our own destiny? For Bigger Thomas, main character of the novel Native Son, it is an unclear picture of which is the true identity of our lives, fate or choice. Richard Wright, the author, tells the story of a young Bigger Thomas who is a victim of circumstances. Bigger’s life itself can be seen in two ways, destiny guiding him to his predetermined fate or Bigger Thomas alone has control over what course his life will take.”

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