Left Hand of Darkness and The Time Machine

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This paper examines two works ” H.G. Wells” “Time Machine” and Ursula K. LeGuin’s `The Left Hand of Darkness` ` as exemplars of works in which human nature is changed nearly beyond our ability to recognize it.

The following paper explores the way in which these authors manipulate the role of gender in human life, thus undercutting one of the most important markers we each have for self-identification. This essay examines these two works and the way gender is constructed and reconstructed within them by providing a very brief summary of each to provide the groundwork for analysis.
Both of these works fall within the mainstream of science fiction, which is not to say that they are not deeply original works but rather that they engage themselves with the core questions of the genre. Science fiction is simply the fictional treatment in a variety of media (including books, magazines, movies, television, CDs and the Internet) of the effects of science or future events on human beings. Science fiction deals with events that did not happen, may have happened, or have not yet happened, mixing speculation with rational consideration of events and is primarily concerned with the impact of change on people (Wayne 19).`

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