James Joyce’s Araby

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Looks at how Araby is a story of initiation into maturity.

This paper presents a short analysis of James Joyce’s `Araby` which shows how Joyce uses contrasting characters and images to show the conflicts of the adolescent protagonist of the story and his sudden entry into the adult world.
`A coming of age story deals with the growth and change of a young person into an adult. In some stories the growth of the character is conveyed in a coming of age flow of events, while in others a character experiences an epiphany that suddenly gives him or her great insight into the reality of life. Stories of maturation show the events that guide the young person into acceptance of adulthood. James Joyce’s Araby is a good example of the adolescent experience because it contains literary elements such as characterization, narrative point of view, language, and epiphany that create a contrast between adulthood and adolescence, and between the protagonist’s fantasies and the reality of the adult world.`

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