J. Alfred Prufrock and Richard Cory

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This paper is a literary comparison between two poems by T.S. Eliot and Edwin Arlington Robinson.

This essay examines the different ways in which both Robinson and Elliot lead their readers to understand the desperation that their title characters feel in “Richard Cory” and “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”, respectively. The author compares the different ways in which the poets differentiate alienation.
“While Corey appears to us as a character driven to death by loneliness combined with the inner demons that haunt each one of us, Prufrock seems like the kind of character who will spend his entire life worrying about what other people think, but be in the end just a little too convinced of his own importance ever to consider suicide. While Corey spends his time making others happy, Prufrock spends his time making himself unhappy.”

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