Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw

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This paper is an analysis of Henry James’s novel `The Turn of the Screw`.

This paper studies the novel `The Turn of the Screw` which is set in 19th century England. The novel tells of a group of people that sit around telling ghost stories. The book examines several of these stories and describes them in detail. This paper examines the characters in the novel from a feminist point of view. It also examines the style or various styles that the novel is written in.
`Henry James? novel The Turn of the Screw is a framed tale. That is, it takes place as a story within a story. During this short novel’s prologue, a group of friends sit around the fireplace. The setting is 19th century England. The friends are telling ghost stories. But then one of the men, named Douglas, proposes to tell another kind of a story. The story is ghostly but it is a true story he states. It is about a governess and two children. Douglas keeps the manuscript of the story locked in a drawer at home in London. A woman who was once his younger sister’s governess wrote the narrative. The man states that he loved this woman. Three days later, the manuscript arrives by the post, and Douglas begins his story. `

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