Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

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A summary of “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad, emphasizing a reflective look at one’s self.

This paper discusses the novel `Heart of Darkness` by Joseph Conrad. The paper describes how the author takes the readers on a personal journey into the depth of their souls, and then presents them with a horrifying reflection of self, leaving them with the feeling of futility subjugating a people to the value of a foreign culture. The two main characters of the novel are examined thoroughly.
Charli Marlow, is a mysterious figure who is still a sailor? tells the story of something that happened to him several years before, when he conducted a steamboat up a river (Congo) in Africa to locate an agent for a Belgian company involved in the lucrative ivory trade. Marlow is the principal narrator, the teller of the story within a story. He is a white middle-class European male of the 19th century, 32 years old and as he says always followed the sea (as the novel puts it). Marlow tells his shipmates about his journey to the Congo River and that he was drawn to the sea since he was a boy (Baxter, 1999). Marlow’s voyage up the Congo River is his first experience in freshwater travel. During his journey on the Congo River Marlow’s loyalty to the company and their beliefs slowly shifted as he travels with the steamboat. He begins to question the ruthlessness and dishonor of his white colleagues and to turn toward the dark unknown of the jungle and its native inhabitants (Berlanga, 1999).

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