Gun Ownership

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A paper which argues in favor of stricter gun restriction laws.

The ownership of guns by the public has been a topic of much needed debate for quite some time now. Various organizations and support groups have been in action for the pro or anti views on whether a citizen should be allowed to own and keep a gun at his person or his property. The paper discusses that many of the people who own guns do so for hunting, self-defense or for their collecting pleasure. But there have been numerous cases in which the use of the gun has resulted in the death of another person. The author of the paper argues in favor of tighter laws and regulations that would result in a limited number of people buying the guns and thus control the distribution of guns so that they do not fall into the wrong hands.
“In addition, although we hear a great deal about the tens of thousands who die from gunshot wounds, we don’t hear enough about the countless tens of thousands of others who are injured by gunshot wounds. Increasingly, hospital emergency rooms are getting better at treating gunshot wounds, which leads to less gunshot deaths. For this reason, looking at gunshot deaths alone is misleading, and only a small part of the picture. (Kleck) Residents of homes where a gun is present are 5 times more likely to experience a suicide rather than residents of homes without guns.”

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