Gender Sentencing

English / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
Argues that penalties imposed on female convicts should be different than those of male defendants convicted of same crimes. Historical relationship of women to judicial system. Motivating forces.

This paper argues that the penalties imposed on female defendants convicted of a crime should differ from those given to male defendants convicted of the same crimes. Women represent a very small proportion of the criminal population in America. Their gender has, historically, tended to give them different treatment from that of the men undergoing the same system of justice. Most often, women have been treated more leniently, although some aspects of automatic justice, particularly the mandatory sentencing system, have worked against them. This paper argues that women should be continue to be given different penalties from men because their relationship to the judicial system and to society as a whole is different from that of men, though not for all of the same reasons that have dictated past discrepancies. The three …

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