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A descriptive story on a typical football game in Alabama

This paper discusses the magnitude of importance football has in the American South. The paper uses many adjectives pertaining toward the subject.
“It is third down and long. The quarterback is under center, and his receivers are split out wide. He takes the snap, fakes the hand-off, and drops back into the pocket. He surveys the defense, and fires a perfect strike into the back of the end zone for the game -winning touchdown. Victory! Daleville High School defeats Enterprise High School for the first time ever. His teammates hoist the quarterback onto their shoulders, and jubilantly carry him off the field. Abruptly, the dream changes. He drops back in the pocket, releases the ball, and it is intercepted. Suddenly, the young man awakens and gratefully realizes he is only dreaming. With sweat beading on his forehead, he props back on his pillows and contemplates the next night’s big game. (Deep in Southeast Alabama the magnitude of the football rivalry between the Daleville Warhawks and the Enterprise Wildcats can be understood through the sights, sounds, and smells.)”

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