Deathly Wife

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Examining the novel “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller, focusing on the character of Linda, the wife.

This essay discusses Linda as Willy’s main problem for his mental illness. It proves that she is making him kill himself on purpose without showing it to others. Linda ignores Willy’s mental illness, while showing that she cares. The paper shows how Linda adds to the problem by her actions. It examines her selfish desires for his well-being which go unnoticed at first.
“A sad, sad tragedy it is. A woman found a man that she thought would be successful in life. Everything might have gone well for a while, but hard times were sure to come. And when they did, the chaos began. What was an old lady to do when her kids turned out to be a bunch of no ones and her husband not making any money, had to borrow money from the neighbor, just to look good in front of his family? Get a job and possibly help? No, not Linda Loman, a character from Arthur Miller’s book called Death of a Salesman. Linda decides to be a housewife who pretends to care about her husband’s mental state, but, in reality, prefers that he kill himself so that she can live an easier and better life, by knowing of his mental problem and ignoring it, and in fact accommodating the problem, as well as her selfish desires of well-being.”

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