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A study of the book, “Crota”, by Owl Goingback.

This book report examines the themes of the book “Crota” by Owl Goingback. It discusses the basic Native American traditions found in the book and the contrast between good and evil. The paper also touches on the theme of mind control in the novel.
“Vision Quest, a common form of spiritual evolution amongst the Native Americans was also very interesting. It consisted of meditative experiences and illusions that would best not be disregarded. There was an overwhelming need to silence the mind so it could truly listen to what the surroundings had to say directly or indirectly. There are many cues that nature provides to the receptive audience. The other aspect which was fascinating was one of mind control. This facet of the book convinced me that we have to go beyond our five senses. After all science has revealed that we do not use more than 10% of our minds. Many of the important breakthroughs in “Crota” were linked through tapping into ones full being through meditative practice.”

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