Angela’s Ashes

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An analysis of the novel, “Angela’s Ashes` by Frank McCourt.

In this paper the author looks at the main character, Frank McCourt’s personal experiences as a young boy living in Ireland in poverty stricken conditions. The author analyzes the concerns this character had as a child growing up in these conditions.
`Frank the child suffered a great deal, but eventually he escaped, returning to America and seeing the sight of the Statue of Liberty as it ought to be seen in the immigrant narrative, coming nearer to him, rather than farther away. As his memoir makes clear, the man suffered much to earn this privilege. One of the reasons the child Frank was so resilient was certainly his sense of humor. This sense of humor, first evidenced with the resilience of a child’s incomprehension of the world, developed into a bleak, black Irish sense of humor about mortality, about drink, about sexuality, and about the lack of omnipresent knowledge in the head’s of both of his parents. Although this hard-won humor was not the result of an easy life, it does make for a satisfying, heartbreaking, and ultimately rewarding memoir.”

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