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An analysis of the book “Creative Imagination Enlightment to Romanticism” by James Engell.

This five-page paper presents a detailed description of the book “Creative Imagination Enlightment to Romanticism” by James Engell. The writer of this paper focuses on the Enlightment that leads up to Imagination. The writer uses Hobbes, Locke, Coleridge and Hazlitt to illustrate the point made in the book. There was one source used to complete this paper.
“Throughout history philosophers and scholars have tried to define aspects of our lives and emotions. The concept of romanticism as well as imagination has been debated for many years. Romanticism was a concept developed in the 18th century and had to do with works of literature. The concept mandated melancholy moods and imaginations filled with emotion and romantic notions. Recently James Engell wrote a book called Creative Imagination Enlightment to Romanticism. In his book he attempts to explain how imagination and romanticism tied together to create the romanticism literature genre and era. In defining his points Engell uses the views of several prominent professionals including Locke, Hazlett, and Coleridge.

“The book actually traces the history of evolution to discovering the creative imagination. We are taken on an exploratory journey through the British empire and the advent of creative imagination when it comes to literature. We are then traveled toward the future and stop to study several theories before landing in the era of Romanticism, which became an important genre tool in the history of literature.”

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