A World Lit only by Fire

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This paper discusses William Manchester’s book on the Middle Ages, `A World Lit Only By Fire: The Medieval Mind and the Renaissance`.

This paper is an analysis of `A World Lit Only By Fire`, William Manchester’s work on the Middle Ages, ranging from the fall of the Roman Empire until the Renaissance. The author discusses the difficulties faced by societies during the Middle Ages, the wars, plagues, corruption, and specifically, the role that Rome played in influencing the beginning of the Renaissance in Europe.
“Manchester’s vision of the Middle Ages and the medieval mindset is founded rightly on this idea, on the enduring influence of the complex orderliness of Rome all the way to the Renaissance (and even through it, of course, with the rise of neoclassim). Rome maintained its presence in Europe even after it was gone because during the Middle Ages the various European states were so busily engaged in attempting to annihilate each other that they had no time to build the great artistic and cultural achievements that the Romans had with such seemingly easy grace mastered.”

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