1984: Vision of the Future

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A short biography of George Orwell as an introduction followed by an analysis his literary work, “1984”.

This paper studies George Orwell’s masterpiece `1984`. The paper compares other criticisms about `1984` and provides a biography of the author, George Orwell. The last paragraph is an analysis of the conversation between the characters Winston and O’Brien and the importance of their meetings.
“In 1984, George Orwell creates a dystopia in which the individual must conform to society in order to participate in it, and in which nonconformity results in death. George Orwell’s character Winston Smith represents Orwell himself, because society distinguishes Winston as a minority of one, one that can never be right. The society in which Orwell lived differentiated Orwell as a lonely man with the courage to be alone, and Orwell was an individual with common sense rather than creativity, both characteristics of Winston Smith (Hopkinson). Orwell links man and society through collectiveness, if one is not part of society, society shuns him and tries to alter personality until conformity persists.”

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